Brian "10 Year Bomb" Tannebaum From Miami Florida

January 1, 2010

It is a funny story how Brian Tannebaum earn his ASSHAT LAWYER nickname A.K.A. Brian “10 Year Bomb” Tannebaum From Miami Florida


Asshat Lawyer Tannebaum

Brian “10 Year Bomb” Tannebaum

Brian Tannebaum is our First ASSHAT LAWYER this year and it is well deserved. He has some mental issues and is very abusive towards women especially when they disagree with him. He is not out to make friends he is only out to cause controversy in an attempt to get you to read what he has to say. Which is nothing.


We Have decided to make this post a network series and give you a series each week on our favorite Alcoholic Asshat lawyer Brian Tannebaum. A not of interest is his partner in crime Criminal Law….HEE-HAW HEE-HAW Mr. Weiss is pictured:

Weiss Mug Shot

Daniel A. Weiss

Is it me or does that look like a County Jail Mug Shot of Daniel A. Weiss doesn’t it? I have seen that he has been networking with AVVO and I say Whatever. I will be talking about why you should not hire the worst lawyer in Miami FL. Florida residents be warned. He only fights for himself and will not fight for you. Just ask his client that was offered 12 months and Asshat Lawyer Tannebaum convince him he could win. Oh he won 10 Years in prison. Thank you Brian “10 Year Bomb” Tannebaum. Stay tuned for our next post about This Asshat lawyer’s attempt to convince law enforcement some guy had warrants for his arrest and wrote affidavits and legal mumbo jumbo to get this individual arrested. Why? to silence what he was saying about this Piece of ASSHAT Lawyer.


Client's Mission is now ASSHATLAWYER's Mission

January 1, 2010

Cruising around looking for Asshat Lawyers for a good review and I found and Amazing site with our next Asshat Lawyer. The Site is titled Client on a Mission of Truth and will be contacting the operator of the site. I have tried calling and I only get the voice mail….and it is an attorney of all things. I wasn’t sure what was going on until I read all the posts and comments. Now I understand that a former client of the attorney was creating this site for the attorney as a gift and a way of thanking her for getting him acquitted. Then he says he was running a program that copied another person’s content on error. The ASSHAT LAWYER then Started trashing this lawyer for stealing content.

The site designer then deleted everything, wrote a letter explaining his error, and that was that. Not for the ASSHAT LAWYER….He began stomping his feet because he was only upset that his name was not properly Attributed……Then after 10 days of bashing this lawyer the site Client’s Mission began and decided to fight back……Then here is the fight… is raw……it is funny… is well worth the read. follow these links:

brian lawler is brian tannebaum
brian tannebaum drunk in court
brian ten year bomb tannebaum above the law
brian ten year bomb tannebaum from www tannebaumweiss com fired by client
criminal defense attorney tag page on technorati
dirty practices by criminal defense lawyers
foundation is complete now to the structure
googles algorithm is showing an update is coming
how do criminal defense lawyer blogs work
lawyer mark bennett not defending people
lawyers taking money from affiliate programs
mark bennett the 2nd worst lawyer
markwbennett btannebaum twitter news
monkey face lawyer mark bennett
officially out of retirement w new name
prosecutor mark bennett hates his clients
scott greenfield is a jackass the same thing as a donkey
scott greenfield the worst lawyer
someone finallly listens
stay tuned for what some lawyers find ethical
when do criminal defense lawyers become prosecutors
white collared criminal defense lawyer with the brains of a mosquito sucking our society dry

I have copied all the information and will ask for permission from someone if I can mirror the content. But, It is unclear whom the owner of the site is. It is somewhat disjointed but I will cean and order the content if given a chance I am sure my girls can spin the content into a masterpiece of a story about how to become an Asshat Criminal Defense Lawyer. First rule to follow would be to get your clients arrested and then write articles on how you hate your clients and how all criminals need to do time. That is basically what has been said By: Brian “Ten Year Bomb” Tannebaum.

I would like to hear from attorneys what they think of the behavior of these ASSHAT LAWYERS that give the rest a bad name and why people really hate lawyer. I will be following up on this story and anything that anybody knows would be great.

Can you guess who our next ASSHAT LAWYER will be?  HEE-HAW HEE-HAW

Cynthia Henley Gets Nod From

December 31, 2009

Cynthia Henley Gets Nod From because she shows us that we all make mistakes….even LIARS LAWYERS.  We have since scraped any further action with her.

Sometimes we make associations online and in the workplace with people that initially are really nice, have great charisma, and are fun to talk with. Then a few years later that guy goes postal and we are shocked.  We all project what we want others to see in some form or fashion.

I have found honesty works best.  Sounds to me we all could start the new year with an evaluation of our associates. Don’t let people like our Asshat Lawyer of the Year Winner ruin your coming year.

Good job not only to Cynthia Henley but also to everyone this New Year that takes charge of their lives and ejecting the TRASH.  Happy New Years

December 31, 2009

@MarkWBennett and his clan are the worst type of sub-humans

Asshat Lawyer of the Year Award goes to…

December 29, 2009

So without further ado I present our 2009 Asshat Lawyer of the Year……

Asshat Lawyer Mark Bennett

Mark W. Bennett from Houston Tx. AKA “The Texas Turd” Congrats to you Mark Bennett you are officially an ASSHAT LAWYER

Since this is the end of the year and nobody compares to this Asshat Lawyer it is an easy decision we have made.

What are you doing on our twitter lists?

1.To inform you all of the degradation a lawyer of this caliber has resorted to. 2.You have a high ranking blog-site and he is trying to befriend you by being first to comment on your Blogs……But under assumed names with fake sites linking to yours.

What does this do? That is beyond the scope of this post. Be warned that when you fall prey to this Asshat Lawyer he will lie and manipulate you into thinking he is someone he is not….an ethical person.

I will be posting a follow up on why you are listed as an Asshat Lawyer and also have information that Cynthia Henley another Texas Lawyer with a logo :

Defender of the Accused

a fitting title of one that accuses others based on the word of our 2009 Asshat Lawyer of the Year recipient Mark Bennett.


Is Cynthia Henley our next ASSHAT LAWYER or is she guilty of poor judgment of the heart? Stay Tuned….

Asshat Lawyer Mark Bennett is Selling Lemons to Clients

December 28, 2009

Asshat Lawyer of the Year Mark W. Bennett From Houston Texas
Is it just me, do all lawyers think they are better than others in some form or fashion? Unless you are a potential client then they go into used car salesman mode. This is when the customer is always right and they tell them what they want to hear. Let’s face it, as a person buying a car, who wants to hear, ” This car is a top notch car and hopefully it doesn’t break down each month like it did to the previous owner. I sure hope they fixed it. Do you have a good mechanic?” Nobody wants to hear that. So the lawyer sells you on them by saying, “You have a good case. I hate that cop. The County is so corrupt, I am tired of them filing charges like these….Bla bla bla. Lawyers are some of the best salesmen or women. Which Brings me to Mark W. Bennett as a formidable salesman. Because he stacks the deck. I have been looking over his blog network and find it to be very well designed. It is so well choreographed that it seems certain blogs blog about the same thing the others blog about but with the same links to the other blogs. How does a blog post a link to a blog that doesn’t exist? Mark Bennett is also layering word press installations on top of each other.

Road signs in Sweden
Image via Wikipedia

It seems like a really big legal blog link-wheel. I have downloaded all of his previous posts until march 2007 and watched as he began building this network. He does like most good bloggers and makes comments to high ranking legal blogs until he befriended them (Sold Them a USED CAR). Then his content began to become accusatory in nature and became a holy roller on issues that are not even in his field. Then he would have a new blog here and there, which now are associated with other names. Mark Bennett is selling lemons people. He has duped you the reader, you the hard working blogger, you the client, and the entire blogosphere. To us amateurs he looks well regarded, well respected, and smart as hell. I don’t think he is doing it alone either. He is always putting down others and overly critical of other lawyers and judges. People should take a hard look at this ASSHAT Lawyer Mark Bennett. This is a good story to follow up on and If you notice the only people that talk bad about people Mark Bennett talks about are in his network of blogs. So I will be blogging about these asshat lawyers that are in this network and don’t opt-out after knowing the truth. Can I get some help on this from some expert blog guru? This Week’s Asshat Lawyer seems to be Mark Bennett and his Blogroll Read the rest of this entry »

Asshat Lawyer Poll – Which Lawyer Deserves the Honor- Vote Now

December 27, 2009

New polling data is on the sidebar. Pick your favorite Asshat Lawyer and watch them win a Prize. If you need help I visited here to find out more about these ASSHATS.

If you would like to see a lawyer that has done you dirty in print, then send us the information.

AsshatLawyer Staff

AssHat Lawyer is now Open

December 26, 2009

AssHat Lawyer is Now Open and ready to Crown the Most Moronic Lawyers with a Crown of ASS. These lawyers are well deserving and you will see What I mean.

I will designate an area for people to nominate a lawyer for the weekly Ass-hat Lawyer and will set up polls for a monthly winner and a annual Ass-Hat Lawyer. We will be giving the winning lawyer Shame, Humility, and of course a Crown of ASS. The submitter will be given the monthly funds made by the advertisements.  So as the site Grows so will the prize and the shame.

Artwork will be needed and animation will be a treasure. Work with us for the satisfaction of knowing these Ass Hat Lawyers will be Memorialized is our ASSHAT HALL OF FAME.

Shame is the Name of the Game

Attorneys for suspect in Kan. abortion shooting may

November 23, 2009
WICHITA, KS - JUNE 3:  In this photo provided ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Abortion slaying suspect may use necessity defense

WICHITA, Kan. — Seemingly contradicting his own public statements, an attorney for the man accused of gunning down a Kansas abortion provider has argued in court documents that his client has an “absolute right” to present a defense that argues the killing was justified to stop abortion.

A defense motion made public Monday seeks to thwart prosecutors’ efforts to ban the so-called necessity defense from Scott Roeder’s murder and aggravated assault trial. A hearing on the issue is set for Dec. 22.

“For the Court to grant the State’s motion to prohibit ‘any evidence’ in support of the necessity defense would be premature, and contrary to Kansas law,” the defense wrote. “In addition, it would be rank speculation on the part of the state (and the Court if it were to grant said Motion) as to the purpose of any and all evidence that the Defendant may seek to introduce.”

Roeder, 51, of Kansas City, Mo., is charged with one count of first-degree murder in Dr. George Tiller’s death and two counts of aggravated assault for allegedly two ushers who tried to stop him during the May 31 melee in the foyer of the doctor’s Wichita church. Roeder has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to go to trial on Jan 11.

He told The Associated Press on Nov. 9 that he shot Tiller to protect unborn children and he planned to present a necessity defense at his trial. He also said one of his two public defenders, Mark Rudy, had given him the “green light” to talk to the media about it.

But the following day, lead defense attorney Steve Osburn told reporters the necessity defense did not exist in Kansas law and the defense team did not plan to present that strategy.

“We have explored that possibility,” Osburn said at the time. “That does not seem to be the approach that is viable, nor is it the approach we intend to use.”

Mugshot of Scott Roeder taken in Kansas when R...
Image via Wikipedia

On Monday, Osburn declined to clarify the discrepancy between the court filing and his earlier statement, but he suggested he may have used the media to confuse prosecutors about the defense strategy.

Rudy did not immediately return a call for comment Monday. Georgia Cole, spokeswoman for the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office, declined to talk about the case, saying prosecutors would make their arguments in court.

The defense motion argued that Roeder has an absolute right to present the necessity defense, and the state’s motion is “nothing more than an attempt to force the defense to reveal their defense strategy and forgo what may be a valid defense.”

In the wake of Roeder’s confession, prosecutors filed court papers seeking to ban the necessity defense at his trial.

To bolster their argument, they cited a criminal trespass case involving an abortion clinic in which the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that to allow the personal beliefs of a person to justify criminal activity to stop a law-abiding citizen from exercising his rights would “not only lead to chaos but would be tantamount to sanctioning anarchy.”

Roeder’s public defenders responded that his case differs because a trespass at an abortion clinic is just a potential temporary interruption of the practice of abortion.

“It is inconclusive whether the lives of the unborn were spared as a result of the act of criminal trespass,” they wrote. “In the instant case, the result of the alleged murder resulted in the termination of abortions being performed in the City of Wichita by the victim, Dr. George Tiller.”

Defense attorneys noted the Supreme Court also said that whether “the necessity defense should be adopted or recognized in Kansas may best be left for another day.”

Roeder’s public defenders used similar arguments to counter a move by prosecutors to ban any evidence or argument to the jury to influence them to vote for acquittal regardless of the evidence, a practice known as jury nullification.

Although Roeder’s attorneys are purportedly keeping their defense strategy secret, they have filed numerous motions that may offer a glimpse into their case.

In one motion for discovery, they are seeking Tiller’s professional calendars, appointment books, records of scheduled procedures or similar documents for the dates of May 1 to June 30. Prosecutors responded that they do not have the documents and that such items are irrelevant and inadmissible at the trial.

Another defense motion seeks to prohibit the use of peremptory jury strikes by the prosecution on the basis of a prospective juror’s beliefs and actions as religious or anti-abortion. Prosecutors responded that such strikes are permissible if a potential juror’s actions and beliefs lead to a concern that juror may be unwilling to convict even if the evidence supports a conviction.